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Becca Rogers released new single “123” feat. Joe Bills

An electro-pop producer and songwriter Becca Rogers dropped a Very well made track. So If you’ve been hungry for a new pop anthem, “123 (feat. Joe Bills)”  will be your next obsession. 

Becca grew up in Tucson, Arizona and began playing the piano in elementary school. Her family tried to put her in piano lessons, but she refused to go because she thought formal lessons would make the piano feel like a chore. She continued to play the piano for fun. During her senior year of high school, a friend showed her song mashups he had made and said that he would teach her how to use production software. A few days later, he committed suicide. Becca decided to learn production to make the music he would never make.

The intro presents a catchy synth-mallet riff, ornamented with a distant, reverb-doused vocal motif. The verse lyrics chime, “I saw you across the dance floor tonight…” and the scene is already set–a bar or club, two people meeting eyes, and the possibility of an amorous interaction. The singer’s voice slides into the verse structure perfectly, with just the right amount of rasp and clarity. 

If you want to hear about the rest of this song, you ought to just listen to it. It’s worth your time. Some people just know how to write and produce a great melody, and it’s clear that Becca Rogers is one of those people.

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