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Dave Chappelle Attacker Charged With Assault 

During the LA Comedy Festival, Dave Chappelle was performing his usual set while 23-year old Isiahe Lee attacked the American comedian with a replica gun. The security team quickly rushed to the stage, pushing Chappelle to safety. In the meantime, many of the comedian’s friends were on stage, including Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx. The latter performer was quick to act as Jamie Foxx managed to kick the suspect away when he tried to physically assault the group. 

Afterwards, the group was found on stage yet again, making a light out of the situation. Comedian Chris Rock even joked about the incident, saying it was Will Smith who attacked, referring to a previous assault he got back on the Oscars. 

After the incident, the suspect was taken into custody by the LA police department and arrested for having a suspected deadly weapon. Lee is now charged with assault and awaits trial. 

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