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Stela Cole- DIY

Stela Cole has been moving gradually up the business stepping stool throughout recent years.

Hailing from Atlanta, via Nashville and now residing in Los Angeles. Stela Cole has been spent the past 18 months quietly amassing an army of dedicated fans, releasing music independently via her very own Stelavision Records.

After doubling her audience in 2020 with songs from the ‘Woman Of The Hour” EP. 2021 was a year of exponential growth. 5, 10 and 20x-ing her audience across Spotify, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Once endorsed to RCA, the now independent sweetheart has her eyes set on another award – ‘American Song Contest.’ It’s a reality-based rivalry formed after Eurovision, a show that brought behaves like ABBA and Måneskin to the majority. Presently it’s stateside with Stela Cole gladly addressing Georgia with “DIY”

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