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Path Of An Artist: Extraordinary Singer-Songwriter Lucianne Talks Music And Life

Rising diva who the world simply must know about is Lucianne, an actress, singer-songwriter, and so much more! A talent of rare qualities, Lucianne recently shared a brand-new track called “More” that debuted alongside beautiful visuals, captivating numerous new fans. Quickly gathering hundreds of thousands of streams and plays, “More” became an instant staple of the songstress’ creative energy and authentic approach to music production. 

Having deep roots in a musical family and a boundless love for the art, Lucianne picked up singing naturally, however, her first stage experience was as a dancer. She had begun competitive dancing at the age of 7, bagging either silver or gold medals in every competition. She later joined the church choir, becoming a member of a gospel group. Over the years, she joined several other groups until she finally decided to run solo.

Lucianne has been writing and performing since she was eleven. She released her first solo track “Ijo” back in 2015 under the alias Luci Monet, making a major breakthrough with the single featuring Mista Silva as it rose to number 1 in the UK afrobeats chart via DJ ShopsyDoo. In the past few years, Lucianne has been busy making her name known as an actress in the second largest film industry in the world, Nollywood, starring as lead in films such as Three Thieves and Dark Room. Today, she is working on creating fresh music to delight her fans and her first move is “More”.

In a recent interview, the artist spoke about the change of her stage name, “This inspired my move back to Nigeria to get more in touch with my roots and in doing so I actually found my true self and hence the name change and rebranding to ‘Lucianne’. I grew closer to God and discovered a beautiful thing called ‘purpose’. Luci means light and Anne means grace so it made perfect sense to identify with my true inner self using my real name Lucianne. I decided to rebrand to my real name so that I could be as true and real to myself as possible hence the label name ‘Real Issa Vibe’.”

One of a kind artist who possesses diverse talents, Lucianne is a true inspiration for all. She is deeply invested in Nigeria and its development. As the co-owner of a Nigerian football club called Atlantic Business, she organizes challenges to uncover young talent in the football scene with the help of her art. Lucianne is going all in with her music and the world cannot wait to see what more she has in stock!

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