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Stanley Talks Life And Music With PopCultr

Awesome Nigerian-Canadian artist Enoch Stanley is out with a new album Resurrection which puts him on the spot! His masterful execution of each track is simply divine with highlights like “Friday Night” and “My Boy”. It’s no wonder we were so eager to talk to him about it!

Big congratulations on the release of Resurrection! Tell us more about this collection of amazing tracks.

Appreciate this opportunity, the album ‘Resurrectionʼ came from life experiences, especially from the pandemic. 

It seems that you have a well-defined genre of your own. Which genres and artists have influenced you the most, and were you always laser-focused on your current style?

I see music as communication and genre as languages, so using different genres  as languages to communicate through music. So many artists influenced me but  my biggest influence is Michael Jackson. 

Was the pandemic an obstacle to your creativity?

The pandemic was more of an inspiration than an obstacle. I spent so much time  making music, and also life experience gave me more content to write. 

What event or experience in your life made you want to commit to making music?

I donʼt have a specific experience. I feel like music was something I had to do, it was just part of me. 

What is your strongest skill in the process of making a song?

I think writing is my strongest skill in making music. 

What are your desired milestones as a musician?

To be one of the greatest to have ever done it.

Stanley can be found on: InstagramSpotifyTik TokSoundCloud

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