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King Keon Shares Details On His Latest Creations

The man behind “Like Master P” and “ELITE”, the rising hip hop talent King Keon is on the move! He shares some interesting facts about himself and his music as well as his latest singles and what’s next to come. King Keon is a unique and exceptionally talented artist who leverages his skill in an unprecedented style, making the listener immediately fascinated.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in the music scene.

I’m King Keon , I’m from Jersey City NJ & music is what I do. Music has always been a part of my life in one way or another, so it’s something that just happened organically. I was introduced to hip hop early because my father was an artist when I was young, so I remember being in and out of studios and witnessing the creative process of it all at an early age. I’ve always been a student of the game, so as a kid I would really be into the story and artistry of it all. People that were brave enough to put their life, their experiences and the environment they come from into an art form for the world to see.

What’s the inspiration behind “ELITE”, the single, who inspires you?

“ELITE” is a statement freestyle. The beat had me T’d up as soon as I heard it, so I knew I had to really get in my mode and do what I do. Although I use a lot of metaphors, I’m really giving the play-by-play run down of what my previous 2 – 3 days were like before I recorded “ELITE”; What I’m thinking, what I’m going through, how I’m feeling, I’m pouring it all on the beat. I feel that if you are working hard at whatever it is you do, if you’re focused, remain consistent & disciplined, you will develop an “elite” skill level at it. 

Who worked on the music video concept for “Like Master P”?

The “Like Master P” video was a team effort. Myself, my pops, the entire K.O.K Records, we just wanted to find a creative way to show how we get to it. The video shows how we hustle by any means and can still have fun & enjoy what we do; running an underground fight league at the same location that we house our 18 Wheelers. Rock Davis did a great job directing it for us, and everybody who came out had great energy and showed a ton of love. 

Describe your music in three words.

Versatile, Authentic, Timeless

What do you believe makes you different from other artists?

I believe all artists , all REAL artists are different. What I bring to the game is something that no one else can deliver. You can only get King Keon from King Keon. I am who I say I am, my voice, my story, my delivery, it’s all exclusive. I use my voice to express my thoughts, my real life situations and speak on things that are going on in the environment I come from. My music is Art imitating life; and to really know me, you would have to listen to my music. Really listen to what I’m saying.

How has your music evolved over the years?

Music is art imitating life. The same way we evolve as people, music also evolves over the years. Our ideas evolve, how we feel changes, we grow, we love, we hurt, we lose, we win, we learn and it never ends until it ENDS. Being that I express real life through my art, it will constantly change. Each song I get better, more polished and more in tune. The more I experience the more I have to draw from when making content, so it just makes for a better & more impactful body of work. 

Walk us through your songwriting process. Where do you typically start and how do you proceed? 

For me the process varies. Sometime I’ll write a song, then make the beat around it, sometime I freestyle, sometime I listen to a beat and write/piece it together bar by bar. More times than others I usually listen to beats first. The beat has to catch me in the first 15 seconds or so or I won’t touch it. Not to say that I won’t double back to it later, but at that moment it’s not connecting. Then from there I usually start freestyling/brainstorming my approach; what I wanna say & how I wanna say it. The beat tells me what to say really, it’s almost like piecing together a puzzle.

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