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Neoma’s New single “Say You Love Me” Is Out Now

Ecuadorian singer-songwriter Carla Huiracocha b.k.a. Neoma has unveiled their new single “Say You Love Me” today.

The track, which can be heard below, stems from the artist’s forthcoming studio album Hyperreal, which will be released on April 29 via Soundbreaker Records. “Say You Love Me” was co-produced by Danny Pauta & Levi Double U.

The artist said this about the song:

“‘Say You Love Me’ to me is about getting constant reassurance from your partner while you’re in a relationship while acknowledging the fact that having this behavior is toxic. The song is about the fear of having a partner leave and the fear of attachment insecurity happening if your partner leaves. I need constant reassurance that my partner had to be there for me. But, it also explores the freedom of pursuing a non-monogamous arrangement and the fears around the idea of living in an arrangement that isn’t accepted by most societies.”

Neoma has captivated music lovers all over the world with her dreamy yet energetic “Lunar Pop” hits. In 2017, Neoma hit the top of the Ecuadorian charts with her infectious single Real. Since then, she’s played concerts to thousands of fans throughout the Americas.

In 2018, Neoma (Carla Huiracocha) relocated from Cuenca, Ecuador to Denver, Colorado, along with producer/bassist Danny Pauta of The Mañanas and Vondye, to focus on her music career. In June 2019, Neoma released Young, her first single as a resident of Denver. 

Her debut album, Real was released in November 2019.

After the album release, Neoma teamed up with local Denver musicians to form a live band. Levi Double U took over drumming duties while Aaron Wey of Civil Engineer joined on guitar. Neoma embarked on her first tour of the United States in February 2020. The Real Tour brought her through venues on the West Coast. However, an appearance at SXSW and the Ecuadorian leg of the tour were cancelled due to the COVID situation.

In quarantine, Neoma started collaborating with artists from the Ecuadorian indie scene and musicians she met while out on The Real Tour. Neoma released a string of collaborative singles in 2020, starting with Superstar with La Madre Tirana.

Neoma released FIXXION, her first single with her American bandmates, on July 9th 2021.

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