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Premiere | REGALJASON Shakes Crowds With “ALREADY WON” Wisdom

Extraordinary artist REGALJASON shares a new track called “ALREADY WON”, the second song off his album EP Megafauna. A truly talented and unique singer-songwriter, REGALJASON came up with another profound story to tell which is that of destiny. The song reminds us that if one is truly meant to do something, then “no matter how hard the battle, in essence you have already won the war – a concept found in many religious texts and hymns,” some of which are referenced in the lyrics. 

“ALREADY WON” offers a stunning musical arrangement that is filled with heavy percussion and the artist’s beautiful vocals, taking experimental pop on a new level of seriousness. The song is accompanied by a music video, depicting REGALJASON free falling from a cliff set in Panamanian rainforest. He then reemerges on a wondrous beach as the music continues to grow ever-intense.

The first of the Megafauna masterpieces was “EMPIRE”, a one of a kind song that encompasses the life and ideology of the artist. Having lived in five different cities, REGLAJASON offers an intriguing insight into the fast-paced world of a megacity or an “empire” which has it all. His previous releases include a debut single “Buzzed Love” and a follow-up single “Fences” with hundreds of thousands of streams.

No newcomer to the game, REGALJASON keeps surprising his audiences time and again. REGAL says about his music, “The most common adjective used to describe my sound is “different”, and though at times said backhandedly, I consider it the greatest compliment to be told that my expression is as inventive and unconventional as the person I have grown to be.”

REGALJASON can be found on: InstagramSpotifyYouTubeWebsiteSoundcloud

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