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Music With A Vision: Discover Talented NYC Conscious Artists BriGuel Through ‘Lately’ 

The Artist couple BriGuel is on top of their game with their most recent single “Lately”, a song with tens of thousands of streams that displays the two artists’ passion for music as well as their ever-positive outlook on life. Time and again, BriGuel proves their artistry and skill through melodic soundscapes, exquisite vocals, and carefully crafted lyrics that touch the listener’s heart.

The two-act project consists of Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, who first met while working on a short film called “Fly Away”. They have been inseparable ever since, producing top-quality film and music together. From the start of their joint career, BriGuel have been featured in top magazines like PAPER, Wonderland, The Source, Rap-Up, and others.

The duo’s previous releases include some amazing singles including “Without Darkness”, “Sweet Relief”, “Who Do You Wanna Be”, “Red Ropes”, and “Life Is A Lesson” as well as the EP 2020 Vision. They released another EP titled TBD in 2020 which was an instant success with over 1 million streams on Spotify alone.

BriGuel put it best: “From the notes in a musical score to those given on a script or a set, we put our heart and soul into everything we do, developing and delivering powerful stories that drive emotional impact. We pride ourselves on being a multidimensional team who won’t rest until we deliver a sophisticated, superior and authentic experience that entertains and inspires.” Talk about music with a vision? Two conscious artists, brilliant artists, brilliant song in their catalog. The artist-couple looks humble and purely intentioned. If the depths of our souls had a theme song, it would be one from Briguel’s discography.

Briguel is a living, breathing example of remarkable artistry. ‘Lately’ is everything. Continued love and success to them and their tribe. Peep it below.

BriGuel can be found on: InstagramSpotifyFacebookYouTubeWebsite

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