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Premiere | Aaron Carter Drops A Brand New Single “She Just Wanna Ride” Featuring 3D Friends

World-famous artist Aaron Carter drops a stunning new song and a music video soon-to-follow called “She Just Wanna Ride”. The song was co-written by Aaron Carter, producer Morgan Matthews, and talented artist 3D Friends, and represents the best of the modern-age pop music scene. Right off the bat, the listener is completely drawn into the mesmerizing world created by these artists, where sonic perfection is matched by fantastic vocals. The sublime melody sinks into the mind as Carter sings, “She want the new dress – she can have it,” listing all the things she wants.

The multi-platinum pop superstar, who has toured the globe with other artists such as Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter delights his vast audience with a new, exceptional track. “She Just Wanna Ride” is the main track off Aaron Carter’s upcoming album Blacklisted and the first of his songs in the past four years to receive a music video, which is very exciting for fans. 3D Friends is writing more songs that are expected to find home in this collection. 

A renowned artist himself, 3D Friends has been a solo act since 2009. His single “Lina Magic” was chosen as the theme song for MTV’s North American version of the hit television show Skins. His music has also been featured in many other MTV productions, notably the World of Jenks, Underemployed, The Pauly D Project, and Punk’d, in addition to ABC’s Revenge and Bravo’s Gallery Girls. 3D Friends’ body of works includes an introspective album called Imaginative Things as well as a number of singles much loved by the fans like “Happy (We’ll Never Be)” and “Paycheck”. 

Full of intense emotions and spectacular soundscapes, “She Just Wanna Ride” is not your typical pop song. Fresh, modern, and at the same time familiar, this track is set to make some serious noise.

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