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Premiere: Gucci Mane Diss Track At YoungBoy On ‘Publicity Stunt’ Drops With A Music Video

Gucci responds to YoungBoy’s recent record “I Hate YoungBoy.”

The conflict of words between Baton Rouge rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Chicago drill saint Lil Durk has gushed out over to include Atlanta legendary artist Gucci Mane.

Here is a fast recap of how got here:

Last month, YoungBoy dissed Guwop on “I Hate YoungBoy,” a toxin-record generally focused on Durk, who’d as of late assaulted YoungBoy by means of his melody “AHHH HA.”

All of this set up for Gucci’s retaliatory “Exposure Stunt,” which hit like a warhead on Friday and immediately heat up the streets in Atlanta.

In the hook, Gucci Man reminds us that he’s actually lived through the kinds of wild situations that other artists only rap about.

Live by the gun then you die by the gun (Baow)
Ain’t gotta cap ’bout the shit that I done

 He also draws parallels between himself and a couple of very different ex-presidents.

Ain’t no disputin’, I kill like I’m Putin
Got a truck full of shooters, I move like I’m Trump
Soldiers stand guard for me like I’m Obama
Try go get some gas and got killed at the pump

He also congratulates himself for partnering with ADIdAS and providing bicycles for those in need.

Shouts to Adidas, he steppin’ for stripes
And give back to the hood, I bought three hundred bikes (It’s Gucci)

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