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Scribbles Who Opens-Up About Her New Single “ReUp” Ft King Hoodie

After dropping a series of magnificent tracks titled “Smoke In Here,” “2 Step” and “getit,” Scribbles Who returns with a new single and music video titled “ReUp” featuring a fresh collaboration with King Hoodie.  We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her new release, creative process and upcoming plans. 

Your new single “ReUp” feat Kind Hoodie is a smooth yet powerful track. What inspired it?

The song is inspired by wanting to do better.

Tell us more about your collaboration with King Hoodie, how did it happen and what do you keep from this experience?

Scrilla H, the producer, thought he would be perfect for the vibe so he made it happen.

Are you more of a performer or a recording artist, or both? 


How do you see your sound evolving in the coming years?

I’m wrapping up ‘The Hustler’s Botanica EP’ and I am going to start working on Zoe Baby. Zoe Baby is going to be R&B Soul and Afro Beats fusion inspired by my time spent in Ghana. It will be the Chill side of my Hustle and Chill lifestyle. 

In terms of your creative process, what is the main difference between your previous release, “Smoke In Here” and “ReUp”?

Both of them are a blend of Hip Hop and R&B. Smoke in Here has a more Southern Florida feel, it was very true to my Pompano side. Pompano is where I’m from. NovaKing, who is also on the record with me, is also from there. Raw Youngin is from Florida City. King Hoodie, who is on ReUp, is from Miami and so is the producer of that track Scrilla H. ReUp has a more of a northeast gritty feel vs. Smoke which sounds more Southern. Both songs are polished street music

Any surprises planned for your fans in 2022?

I’m an extremely private person so I’m letting those walls down. I plan on putting out more personal content. 
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