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Premiere: Chief Moquiuix Reveals First Full Length LP Mass Psychosis

Chief Moquiuix is releasing his first full length LP Mass Psychosis, a record home to a magnificent collection of 13 tracks. Released on Valentine’s day, Mass Psychosis comes packed with a series of existential questions raised by the artist with a purpose to enlighten and raise awareness among the crowds. 

He shares: “What happens when our perception of success is no longer relevant to what we could possibly accomplish without fitting the mold? What Happens when we’re taught to believe that success is only awarded to those who are hand-picked?”

The San Diego and Las Vegas-based rapper-producer follows-up to the series of singles released last year including the fan-favorites “Parabolic,” On Edge,” “Irrational,” “Buenos Diaz,” “Vagos” and “Radicalism,” with many of these songs dropped alongside powerful visuals

MO-key-Weesh, a name dating back to the ancient Toltecs of Mexico, meaning the intoxicated Shaman. From SouthEast San Diego & West Las Vegas, Chief Moquiuix has proven that he is a master of communication with an ability to move the crowd like no other. Through mysterious mystical musical conjuring and lyrical literature, this isn’t your average indie producer-rapper. With a strict intent to make knowledge a trend, when you listen in, the power is in your hands.

Speaking about the vision and creative approach behind the new LP Mass Psychosis, Moquiuix explains: “The wealthy have become wealthier since the beginning of the pandemic. And to me it’s clear to see that when you control the news and the media in general, you control the people. My album is meant to give the masses their own second opinion. A fresh perspective. I don’t wear skinny jeans, I don’t make trap beats, I don’t mumble, or sing with auto tune. I’m not hating, I’m just saying I don’t have anything to hide. I’m just trying to give hip-hop, and even pop culture a breath of fresh air.I’m all about love, peace, unity and providing value to the fans that enjoy being entertained by my different point of view.”

With a solid repertoire that has already attracted hundreds of thousands of listeners, Chief Moquiuix is now making an even bigger and bolder move than anything he’s showcased before, with Mass Psychosis representing the culmination of his sound and message to the world. 

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