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Premiere: StevenCharles Launches Love-Affirming Sophomore Single “Love You Still”

Fueled by the success of his debut single “Stay,” a magnificent song streamed and viewed over 230K times if we combine Spotify and YouTube plays, StevenCharles continues his rapid ascension towards stardom with the release of “Love You Still,” his sophomore single. 

The Montreal, CA-native singer-songwriter who moved to NYC to pursue a theater and music career has been writing songs with his brother, a classically trained pianist, since he was six years old. A firm believer that “music saves lives,” StevenCharles pours his most profound energy in every single note he hits. He recently decided to focus solely on music, a choice marking a major turn in his life. 

With artists like John Legend and Alicia Keys having influenced his music, StevenCharles has quickly found his own lane and aesthetics in the genre. Centered around unity, happiness, love and peace, StevenCharles’ voice is the perfect medium to convey his warmest emotions to their final destination; listeners. His ultimate goal is to help people overcome hard times, and motivate them to push through their daily struggles, through music and art. 

Fueled by a clear vision and a versatile musical language, StevenCharles’ signature sound lies at the intersection of R&B, neo-soul, pop, caribbean, gospel, and jazz, combined with sophisticated chill pop/R&B beats. His smooth and sultry love-affirming vocals are most certainly his sharpest artistic weapons. 

His highly acclaimed debut single “Stay” put out a beautiful depiction of the artist’s creativity and original approach to music production. Vibrant, energetic music is interwoven with soulful nuances of the melody and intriguing lyrics. This charismatic song has immense positivity distilled in its neo-soul soundscapes, making Steven Charles sound stunning. 

“Love You Still” is the ideal way to sustain the momentum generated by his debut single “Stay,” confirming his otherworldly potential as an artist who has essential messages to share, and laying a solid foundation for what’s to come next. 

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