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Discover The Will To “Live Again” With Lo’renzo To’rez

“Live Again” is the latest heartfelt creation by Lo’renzo To’rez, an otherworldly singer-songwriter who is so incredibly sincere in his art that can make anyone smile through tears. Lo’renzo To’rez is an Ohio-based pop artist whose music speaks for itself. With the expertise that comes from twenty years of music production, he creates unforgettable tracks that are real, relatable, and unique. 

The artist fell in love with music at a very young age and around 13 was introduced to a recording studio. A friend of his older brother showed him how music production works and Lo’renzo was fascinated. Starting in his late teens, the artist began professionally recording his music and putting it out there for the audience. From features in  Genius and the Hip Hop Weekly magazine’s print copy of July 2016 for indie artist spotlight on “Live again” to an interview by BuzzMusic concerning “Closing The Door”, Lo’renzo has proved his talent and creativity time and again.

The preamble to “Live Again” was the 2019 single “Closing The Door” with over 500K streams that covered a multitude of authentic emotions of a broken heart. It was produced in north Hollywood, in Randy Jackson’s studio and was a collaboration with talents like Brett Pemberton and Rachel Maloney. 

“Live Again” remains one of the most incredible songs that so accurately transmit feelings of despair and a hint of hopefulness. Definitely give it a listen and you will always have a friend to cry and hope with.

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