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Cassie Marin “Every Time I See the Ocean”: Premiere

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin is back with her new single, “Every Time I See The Ocean.” 

The indie-electronica artist has started strong in 2022 in an attempt to garner more attention on her music. 

“Every time I See The Ocean” starts with a catchy piano riff that is heard throughout the song’s full duration. 

The rhythmic nature of the song feels in sync with the pattern of oceanic waves, at times, even the electrostatics of the song echo the sounds of seagulls. Marin’s soft and sensual vocal, then, is the lone soul in this vastness of waves and emotions.

It’s a song about searching for acceptance in a world where people expect you to remain the same, finding comfort in change, and finding strength in solitude and pain.

In comparison to her two previous singles, “Tanto” and “Busy Body,” “Every Time I See the Ocean” slows down and reveals a more intricate side of Marin’s artistic identity. But as usual, she demonstrates her strength with rhythms and storytelling, as well as her ability to provide an immersive experience.

Listen to “Every Time I See The Ocean” on all streaming platforms: 

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