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Premiere | Emerging Hip Hop Artist Jake Oulton Drops A Stirring Music Video For “Life On The Highway”

After the great success of his latest singles and his debut EP, Jake Oulton drops a beautiful music video “Life On The Highway”. It opens with an ominous highway shot that’s done in cold colors and then the stirring music steps in accompanied by Jake’s exceptional rapping. The artist shares intimate thoughts and reflections as he raps: “I’m livin’ life on the highway, tryna find my way home,” and the thought continues to open up new facets of Jake’s personality and mindset.

The music video is directed on the highest level possible with an intentional spine-chilling color palette of blues and greys as the dark and almost naked trees accentuate the feeling of loneliness. Jake Oulton shows off his beautiful Mustang – his second passion of vehicles that is surpassed only by music. 

The Nova Scotia native is a true poet who does more than just rhyming. He has the power to create songs with an immense emotional pull that is simply irresistible. Jake can go from happy to sensitive, from anger to seriousness and all other feelings on the spectrum. He can evoke memories in his listener’s mind through the sheer act of sharing his own thoughts which is something that sets great artists apart. 

“Life On The Highway” was Jake Oulton’s very first release in 2021. His EP 11:11 followed closely behind with six songs that strike as nothing less than authentic and sincere. 

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