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Miley Cyrus’s New Song ‘You’ Which Was Debuted On New Year’s Eve:

Ringing in 2022 on her New Year’s special, Cyrus closed the 2022 new year party  night with a ballad called “You.”

The song was so new that she hasn’t even recorded it yet.

“I got some baggage/ Let’s do some damage/ I am not made for no horsey and carriage/ You know I’m savage/ You’re looking past it/ I want that late night sweet magic/ That forever lasting love/ But only if it’s with you,” she sang.

She shared the performance in a Jan. 1 post on Instagram. and was bombarded with questions about where people could stream the song. One fan account commented “NEED THIS ON SPOTIFY IMMEDIATELY,” and the singer explained why it wasn’t available there.

Cyrus responded: “This song is so new I haven’t even recorded it yet. Just wanted to do something special for YOU all!

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