On the occasion of #501Day, @HaileyBieber wears a #LevisxMiuMiu trucker jacket upcycled with bold leather patches featuring Art Deco-inspired intarsia.
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Miu Miu and Levi’s Collaboration

Miu Miu and Levi’s have teamed up on an upcycled collection that captures the spirit of the times. 

Upcycled by Miu Miu continues to pursue a sustainable ideology, now giving new life to pre-loved denim in collaboration with Levi’s®. A selection of classic denim pieces is re-fashioned by Miu Miu, seen through the brand’s maverick and playful eye.

In collaboration with Levi’s®, Miu Miu reinterprets a selection of classic denim pieces through the brand’s maverick and determinedly playful eye. Studded with sparkling details and embroidery, this trucker jacket is a modern, refined garment. Washed denim brings out the dazzling details that blend with the iconic elements of the garment such as contrasting stitching. The lives of garments worn and loved in the past, reimagined through the Miu Miu lens, reveal a play of masculine and feminine contrasts.

This project includes vintage MADE IN USA men’s 501® jeans and Trucker Jackets from the 1980s and 1990s. Born out of American workwear and, from the mid-1950s onwards, a symbol of youthful rebellion, these iconic pieces have been customised and personalised by Miu Miu, in a play between masculinity and femininity. The iconic Levi’s® backpatch is re-invented in Miu Miu pink and carries the brand’s logo alongside.

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