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Lido Pimienta & Style

Freshly nominated for a Grammy award and recently appearing on Barack Obama’s list of fave tunes for the year, Toronto-based music-maker Lido Pimienta has a vibrant outfit outlook that’s totally uplifting.

Growing up, Polaris Music Prize-winning singer Lido Pimienta wished she was a boy and chose to wear only oversized overalls, T-shirts and sneakers. “I thought that in order to accomplish this, I had to get rid of everything that, to me, meant ‘woman’ or ‘feminine,’” she says. “I would cry if my mother forced me to wear a dress, and I loathed having to sit down and endure the process of straightening my hair.”

“My style is a reflection of what I am feeling. So when I am feeling like a queen, I go to my long skirts and gowns and do long braids in my hair. I have managed to figure out what works on my body, my hair and my skin. I have fun with clothes, and I embrace my femininity, but I also really feel like myself in a good oversized sweatshirt and sneakers. Music and style are one, at least in my book.”

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