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Moth To A Flame

The Weeknd has just surprised fans with a new single, Moth To A Flame, a new collaboration with Swedish House Mafia. “Moth to a Flame” sounds more like one of The Weekends songs than a Swedish House Mafia one. 

Meaning of ‘Moth to a flame’

So, the weekend’s new track title made every fan curious. ‘Moth to a flame’ is referencing the well known phrase about natural attraction.

If you are drawn to something like a moth to a flame, you can’t escape its pull. As in The Weeknd’s lyrics, he sings “like a moth to a flame, I’ll pull you in.” He uses this metaphor to describe a relationship.

The Weeknd addresses a relationship between himself and someone he was once with romantically, who has since moved on but still relies on him despite being in a new relationship:

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