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Top 7 Unusual Sneakers Of 2021

Sneakers have long ceased to be part of the uniform of athletes. Now it is a must have, which is in the wardrobe of almost every fashionista. And this is not surprising: they are comfortable, lightweight and go with almost any outfit. But sooner or later, even the most beloved sneakers get bored. So keep the top 10 quirky crossovers for those who have blown their Yeezys to their holes and are tired of pop Air Jordan.

Zoom MM4 Nike

The model opens the rating, which was released at the beginning of this winter – the Nike Zoom MM4. The unusual design of the shoes will definitely attract a lot of attention to your person, because she looks like an alien from the future, where cyberpunk reigns, and people communicate with the help of thought. When creating this model, Matthew Williams and Nike used a combination of materials: textiles, leather and plastic elements, which, combined with an unusual sole, allowed to release a unique product that has no analogues in the world. 

X-Pander Balenciaga

Another equally interesting model, the X-Pander, was invented by the provocative Balenciaga. Ideal if you like to spend time shopping or are a professional jogger. A shock absorber in the heel distributes the load evenly across the entire outsole, allowing you to walk tirelessly about your business. In terms of design, this shoe, like the Nike Zoom MM4, is made from a mix of materials including leather stripes, mesh and other bells and whistles to keep your feet breathable even in 30-degree heat.

McDonald’s x BTS x Nike Air Max Plus TN

Someone who has been talking about this year is the Korean group BTS. Now the guys become the face of Louis Vuitton and Samsung, then they release a branded menu in McDonald’s, and now the hands of ambitious musicians have reached the cross. New items are created in collaboration with Nike and the same McDonald’s and are offered in purple. Plus, if you’re a fast food lover, shoes like the Nike Air Max Plus have compartments for nuggets and sauces. It is easy to apply: bend over to tie your shoelaces – and have a snack. Although, perhaps, such an appearance is justified by something else.

Maison Margiela x Reebok

Or, in other words, sneakers covered with a corrector. Do you miss your school days? Maison Margiela and Reebok take a trip back in time: they co-created tabi sneakers. The main features of the model include the fact that the toe of the shoe is divided into 2 parts: for the thumb and 4 others. If you really stand out, then this is the only way! Similar, by the way, like to wear Kim Kardashian and TV presenter Nastya Ivleeva.

Adidas Originals Superstar 10282

Not really sneakers and not really Adidas, but that didn’t stop them from making it to our amazing top. In fact, the Adidas Originals Superstar 10282 is a LEGO construction set that lets you craft legendary superstars with your own hands. You can hardly wear such shoes when going for a walk, nevertheless, the novelty will successfully complement the collection of amazing things!

GO FlyEase Nike

Tired of tying your shoelaces every time you hurry to work? There is a solution – the GO FlyEase model from Nike. Just insert your foot into the shoe, step on – and forward, conquer new heights. If you wanted to take it off, hold the heel with the toe of your other foot and reach your limb. This whole process will not take you much time, which, you must agree, is very cool, as well as the fact that you do not accidentally step on the lace and do not fall, rushing to an important meeting.

Satan Shoes

What’s the top unconventional sneaker without the hit of 2021 – Satan Shoes by Lil Nas X and Nike? That’s right: none. Therefore, we hasten to tell you about the darkest crosses this year. The result of the collaboration between the rapper and the brand gained its popularity thanks to the human blood in the sole and satanic paraphernalia. The appearance, oddly enough, did not scare anyone away, and the sneakers, released in a limited edition of 666 pairs, shattered in a matter of hours. We got ourselves Satan Shoes and some celebrities – one of them is Miley Cyrus.

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