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Asics Limitless Camo

Recently, French industrial designer Kacimi Latamene made hypebeasts go crazy over a pair Asics.

The new shoes are so far only a concept based on the aesthetics of the Japanese brand Asics. Nevertheless, the sneakers look very fresh and futuristic. Outwardly, they resemble the Adidas YEEZY Foam RNNR model. But the peculiarity of this instance is that it can be printed on a 3D printer and has a movable sole.

Latamene is not the first to produce a digital sneaker, companies like Gucci and RTFTK Studios have created virtual-only sneakers and have been very successful in doing so. The rise of NFT’s are a huge opportunity for Asics now, as they could possibly take advantage of Latamene’s design ideas.

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