Selena Gomez Announces Return To Instagram
Selena Gomez Announces Return To Instagram
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Selena Gomez Announces Return To Instagram

After years of staying off Instagram, the mega star has now announced her return to the app. “I haven’t been on the Internet in four-and-a-half years. It has changed my life completely. I am happier, I am more present, I connect more with people,” Gomez told Morning America back in April 2022. 

Selena Gomez used to be the second most followed lady on Instagram right behind Kylie Jenner. “It’s unclear when exactly she logged back into Instagram to post on her own behalf, but recent posts on her account include a “New Years dump” on Jan. 1 and a “Sister date night” snapshot with Gracie Elliott Teefey last week,” ENews reports. 

In 2021, the star had an interview in WWD’s Beauty Inc. issue, where she talked about her mental health openly. “This is too much of my personal life spread out everywhere, and it just felt uncontrollable; I felt like my thoughts and everything I was consuming revolved around a million different other people in the world saying good things and bad things. And I just thought, ‘Why would I—I don’t get anything from it. Nothing is giving me life.’ And I just snapped, and I was over it.”

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