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Jaime Deraz Falls For “Sadie” In Latest Electro-Pop Single

Singer-songwriter Jaime Deraz has made quite a buzz with her recent single  “Sadie.” Through its heartfelt lyrics and progessive Electro-Pop beats, the bitter-sweet track manages to speak to the listener’s heart, telling a story that everybody can connect with.

“Sadie” is accompanied by a music video that features the graceful and elegant Jaime Deraz.  The narrative of the song is focused on a brief romantic encounter and conveys feelings of desire and longing.

The song’s soothing synths and powerful vocal performances sets the mood for the heartbreaking story, which is perfectly depicted in the lyrics,  “You looked like a daydream/ You drove a Mercedes/ You drove me so crazy/ No clue where you might be/ A million maybes/ I’m calling you Sadie/ Yeah I can see you in my head/ We were burning red/ Touched me like I can’t forget/ No clue where you might be/ A million maybes/ I fell for you Sadie yeah.”

Thanks to her storytelling skills, as well as her musicality and technicality, JaimeDeraz puts out songs that are full of strong emotions and feelings.

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