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The Briefcase Is Back!

The briefcase is a bag with a lot of associations, from the cash-filled mobsters’ vehicles to the indispensable vintage office item of Wall Street. In actuality, the oldest forms, which date back to Roman times and are mentioned in Shakespeare’s writings, were more akin to satchels. The briefcase didn’t start to be linked with dedicated businesspeople, both above and beyond the law, until the 19th century.

There was a brief period where the suit and bag combo of City-bound commuters appeared to be the standard while more informal workplace clothing took precedence. But if the most recent accessories produced by those most coveted fashion companies are any indication, the 2022 boardroom will once again scream for the noticeably chicer, smarter bag.

The greatest briefcases of today are far more functional than the boxy “Don Draper” norm of the 1960s, with more durable materials and laptop bag pockets, as well as several sections to suit the modern man. There aren’t many better ways to signal your change from cozier work-from-home gear to something that unmistakably signifies business in 2022 when many people will make a more permanent return to the office.

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