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Marcus P. Delivers A Stunning Performance In “Vibe”

Emerging artist Marcus P. presents his latest song and his first ever official music video under an enigmatic title “Vibe”. The song features a stirring melody that is instantly interrupted by “I think I just caught me a vibe”. And as the beats step in, the lyrics start pouring. Marcus’ stunning voice and his nonchalant tone command all of the attention. 

A one of a kind rapper, Marcus P. is from Brooklyn, NY. As a teenager he spent several years in New Jersey where seeing his peers freestyling pushed Marcus to write his own rhymes. Throughout the years his passion for music and rapping only solidified and starting 2013 Marcus took every opportunity to perform, write, and create. 

Marcus P. has been compared to Andre 3000 in terms of his skill and sound. Lil Wayne, Notorious B.I.G., Nas and Jay-Z to Kendrick Lamar, and especially J. Cole are among his favorite artists and most profound influences. In 2020 Marcus dropped Fame N Morals, his debut mixtape which was meant to introduce his talent to the hip hop scene. Today, Marcus P. is one of the most exciting new faces in the industry who has immense potential and is committed to his art.

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